Reservoir Hills Secondary School (RHSS) was established in 1972 under the then Department of Indian Affairs.
It later came under the administration of the House of Delegates when the tri-cameral government was constituted.
The school had a large staff of 65 and ran a diverse curriculum which included subjects such as Music, Speech and Drama, Media Studies, Home Economics , Needlework and ART.
RHSS churned out excellent learners in both the academic and sporting arenas. Many learners became doctors, surgeons, lawyers, and even TV personalities. These people left their mark on the greater society.


RHSS today is a vibrant non racial school that strives towards academic excellence.
The NSC results last year placed RHSS as the best performing school in the district.
RHSS today has a relatively small staff of dedicated educators who go the extra mile in assisting every learner.
The academic staff comprises:
The Principal
The deputy Principal
3 HODs
19 Level 1 educators (including those employed by the Governing Body of RHSS)